Sunday, January 2, 2011

post 10

Hey Timpview!(: School tomorrow! are you guys excited?? Nor am I. (: haha Anyway,
here are some more posts. I really need your help you guys, i'm getting like... maybe 1 email every other week... no bueno!! :/ lets keep the kindness going!(:

Hannah Mabey  is the nicest, prettiest, coolest girl you will ever meet! Gorgeous eyes and a personalty just as beautiful. Everyday you'll wonder what you did to become friends with such an amazing person. She's a great listener, and an amazing friend!:)

Justin Dunkley is one of the craziest, coolest, most energetic kids i know! he is hillarious!  There has yet to be a time that i look at that kid and he's NOT smiling.  He is always there to brighten someone's day. (:
I know he has brightend mine many times(:

well, unfortunately, i really am having a hard time coming up with people to write about.... i need your help!!
pllleaaaase? :P

Cheers! good luck at school tomorrow(:

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  1. Ok I just found this today and it is the best idea ever. To whoever this is, you are a positively outstanding person.