Saturday, January 8, 2011

post 13(:

Katie Jamison- "this girl is hot! she is always smiling and always quoting a funny movie that makes everyone laugh. She's super good at volleyball, and is a super sweetie. I've been so lucky to be her friend for 10 years, because honestly she's such an amazing friend. She's a friend to everyone. She's so smart, and is always a help to everyone. she always sticks up for the right and keeps us in line ;) we love you katie!"

Yon Soo Park- "yon soo is so funny! she's a friend to everyone, and always knows how to make everyone laugh. She's an amazing violinist. She has the sweetest smile, and is a great photographer. She always makes my day!"

Amber Smith- "amber is so stylin! i mean who could resist that awesome mini van she drives? haha she's such a positive person and always looks on the bright side. She's very artistic and has a hilarious sense of humor. she's nice and sweet to everyone no matter what. "

Aaron Pletsch-" he is so good at video games! He's a nice guy and fun to be around. he's always willing to do service even if its something little. he's incredibly smart and a cool guy!"

Hannah Clawson- "This girl is so pretty and knows how to shop! if you need someone to vent to, she will give you great advice. She's been there for me a lot, and was such a help to me."

Sylvia Cutler--"The hawtest mega Zelda babe ever! She's amazingly beautiful with the best personality to go with!! Every time i see her she's excited to see me and makes my day! Every time i call her, she's out on a date... Lucky them! She's seriously one of those people i can't live without :P"

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