Friday, January 21, 2011

Joyful Johnny Here! Can't wait to start spreading the happiness!

Hey everyone! It is your new Thunder Joy Spreader! First off I wanted to tell everyone that I think Summer/Shay has done a remarkable job spreading the warmth around to those who needed it! She has done a fantastic job of getting this blog on its feet, and for that she deserves a lot of praise!

And that is what we do here, we give praise for those who have achieved great things, recognition for those who are kind everyday, and for those who really try and make peoples lives a lot better! :)

Here are some things coming up that I want you guys to be on the lookout for!'

Sweethearts Dance: Hey guys! that Valentines dance that we all love is coming up very soon! Start asking girls if they will go with you! Girls love it when they are asked to dances, because it lets them have a chance to dress up, and feel special for a night with perhaps someone they really like! ;) Start asking!

"Two Gentlemen of Verona" is a play you need to go see! Mr. Brower puts a lot of time and energy and thought into his plays, and this is one you won't want to miss! Full of love, comedy, and just plain fun, this is a must see for everyone! If I am correct, the play opens up in about two weeks, so go check it out!

Don't forget to email in spotlights of the people you love and care for! The email will stay the same (, so if it says you got a reply from Summer Sundale, don't forget that it is Joyful Johnny that you are writing to!

Any ideas for the blog? Just send it in, and I will get right back to you!

Hope you guys enjoy this blog, and I am really thrilled to be writing for it, because I know how awesome all of you are! I interact with all of you at Timpview everyday, and I know what fantastic people you are!

Can't wait for those emails! Have a great day everyone!

Joyful Johnny