Thursday, December 30, 2010

post 9 (:

Thomas Cottle:  This dude is awesome.  Always wanting to hang out with people.  He will always reach out to new people in the neighborhood.  I always hear his say "lets hang out with so-and-so" or "let's invite what's-his-face over."  I can always count on him for that.  And every time he messes up or hurts somebody, he always apologizes.  He is NEVER too proud to say sorry.  I know he would feel guilty if he didn't. 

Tyler Peterson:  This kid is just fun to be around.  He WILL laugh at your jokes, no matter how stupid you may think they are.  Whenever everyone is done laughing at something funny, he's not.  He will keep cracking up for another 5 minutes, and he'll keep going until someone stops him.  He'll even bring up something funny you said years after you said it.  He really makes people feel good about themselves. 

Josh Brewer:  This guy is really smart, and just as funny.  You should also hear him free-style rap, he's really good.  If he "burns" you in a rap-battle, he will immediately compliment you so you don't feel bad. It's really funny.  He also has really awesome ideas and theories.  He thinks about stuff beyond what most people would think healthy, but he enjoys it, and so does everyone else.

so sorry you guys, i really am being kinda lazy, but this break has been.... really really tough for me.....
so i apologize.

please, keep emailing.
and reading.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Post 8(:

Mrs. Bowers-- She is seriously one of the greatest teachers that anybody could ever have. she helps when help is needed, she keeps a strong relationship between her and her students, and she is always willing to help with non-school related things.

Tylan Albertson-- Tylan is a great friend, if you need someone to tell your secrets too, tell him. he doesn't tell anybody! he is fun to be around and gives great advice! (:

Dallas Ashby-- Dallas is a fun, energetic, cute, fun girl. she is nice to everyone, and is always willing to help her friends. (:

Ethan Baird-- Ethan is an amazing actor, and a great friend. he is always there to talk to you when you are feeling down. he is truly an awesome friend.

Monday, December 20, 2010

post 7(:

here's some more! sorry it's been a few days!(:

"Sarah Wood is probably the best friend anyone could possibly ask for. She is always sweet, and she always puts on a smile, no matter what. She is a goofy gal who can often be found laughing, being a dork (in the awesome way), and being herself. You can act like a complete idiot around her, and she will stay by your side. She is probably the most loyal person I have ever known. If you ever feel down, just spend five minutes with this girl and you'll turn your day around. She may seem quiet, but if you get to know her, you'll know what a fire cracker she is. I love her to death! "

"The Woodruff twins, Matthew and Andrew, are so freaking sweet! I love them to death!!! They are such gentlemen, and are friendly to everyone! Andrew and Matthew are so different, and yet the complement each other so well! There's really nothing like a pair of friendly, good-looking, and just all-around fantastic twins to brighten up someone's day! Let's hear it for the Woodruffs! You guys rock!!"

"Bryson Mckenzie is the nicest person I have ever come in contact with. He always looks out for me no matter what, not to mention how good he made that football uniform look while he tore it up on the field. He truly is a wonderful person! ;)"

"Anna Swenson- This girl is hysterical. She makes me smile as soon as I see her. Her loyalty, charity, patience, and determination/perserverence surpass any I have ever seen. She has amazing mathematical and debating skills. I admire her general knowledge of everything, and "usual correct answerness" though she tends to keep answers to herself. I admire her ability of tactfull ness, and cues on when to speak out and when to say nothing. She truly has vast ideas, and is EXTREMELY opinionated, but she doesn't ever force anyone to do anything, or believe anything. Though, she easily could. I admire her optimism when her feet, legs, hips, toes, and anything else below her have stopped her from dancing, and cause her pain with practically every step. Her sense of right and wrong keep me in place when I'm in doubt, and reaffirm my testimony. She is so strong, so bautiful (in a non creepy way), so amazing."

" Dr. Bayles deserves a post about him. He doesn't have a lot of fans i know, but no one can deny that he does care about the students of Timpview, and tries his best. I am peresonally grateful for all he's done, even if I haven't liked the way he's done it. Especially since he is retiring at the end of the year, now is the time to step up and really show our appreciation for a man who cares deeply and "is 4 kids"

"Bethany Meldrum: Ok, she is so amazing and nice. She has many talents and is very patient. She is really good at American Sign Language and is always trying to help the lower levels of that language learn and get better at it. She is really dedicated to her religion and is a great example to others of the same faith. She is very humble despite her beautiful looks!! I love knowing her and am glad for the friendship we have!"

"Andi Boswell: Wow. What an amazing girl. If you don't know, GET TO KNOW HER. She really cares about her friends and has great empathy. She is always there for you. She is so popular and has many friends but that is because of how awesome she is. I am so glad I got to know Andi and be friends with her!"

"Rashelle Midson: Oh my gosh. She is the nicest most selfless girl I know!! She is nice to everyone, even the ones that are really cruel to her for no reason. She is willing to do whatever for her friends and is so awesome. She is really fun to just talk with and hang out. I can't even believe how unselfish she is though! I love Rashelle and am SO glad I know her."

"Amber Garvin: Amber is just so amazing! She loves kindness and happiness and does her best to spread that around!! She is always there to listen and give the best advice! She is such a great wise friend. She is so nice and patient with her family and is really fun to talk too. I love Amber!!"

"Kailla Martinez: Wow, Kailla is so nice and funny!!! She is nice to everyone and is just so fun to talk to! She doesn't judge and is willing to talk to or help anyone out! She is friends with everyone and is so smooth with the men. Go Kailla!! Thanks for being my friend!!"

"Brianna Martinez: Her laugh! Oh wow Brianna is just such a fun outgoing girl and her laugh is so contagious!!! I love Brianna and am glad I got to know her!"

"Iveta Welborn;: She'll never talk bad about a true friend no matter what. She isn't afraid to state her opinion! She is such a cute fun girl!!"

well, sorry for the laziness guys. :P i've been super busy with christmas and all, but i promise i'll start doing better!(:


and Merry Christmas!!!(:

Friday, December 17, 2010

Post 6(:

here's some more! i don't know if i'll be on tomorrow or later today, so i'll post now(:

Tanner Christensen- "Tanner Christensen has got to be the sweetest kid EVER! Not only that, he is brilliant and hilarious!!!
(Not to mention a BABE).  But he goes out of his way to include others and if you haven't noticed his
circle of friends includes almost everyone he comes in contact with.  Not only that, but he has such
a shining testimony and is quite an example to those around him.  I know he makes me want to be
better.  Plus, though his genius exceeds that of those around him, he is so modest.  And he has a
right to strut his stuff.  Way to be Tanner!!!!"

Ali Treneven- "Ali Trevenen is soooooo AMAZING! She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet! She is always there for you. She can always put a smile on your face! I FREAKIN LOVE YOU ALI!!! I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU! "

 Natalia riboldi- "She is one of the sweet girls who always includes everyone. She is honestly one of the most caring and sincere people I know.  She can be a little quiet at first, but when you get to know her she is so fun to be around!!"

Nick Gurney-"This kid is amazing. He's willing and eager to be friends with anyone and everyone that comes his way. His kind nature and cheerful attitude make him extremely fun to be around, and he is just too lovable for his own good."

Katherine Moulton-"Wow, where to even begin? Kat is one of the most compassionate people I've ever known. She is sensitive and caring and always knows when someone around her is unhappy. She's smart, funny, thoughtful, and loving, and one of the best friends anybody could ask for!"

Tyler Hill-"Well, he rules. He's always laughing and smiling, and even those that don't know him well are drawn to his sunny personality. He's intelligent and SO much fun to be around, and his positive outlook on life is naturally endearing. Honestly one of the best kids I know."

McKann Hanseen- "She is AMAZING!!! She is always busy and is constantly going and doing
something. But she's super talented at all she does like percussion,
journalism, and student gov. Everyone she comes in contact would say
she brightened their day because they know she genuinely cares about
each individual. She makes you feel like you're worth a million bucks
and Timpview would be at a great loss without her!"

Zach Giddings- "Zach has a gift. And I'm not just talking about music. He is one of
the nicest people on the planet! He'll always say hi to you in the
halls and it doesn't matter who you are. Freshman and seniors,
football and choir - all spectrums of the school feel his love and
always smiling face. He's a great leader and Timpview loves him!!" Zach is an awesome kid, i do not know him personally, but i know of him, and he is truly amazing. (:

Alexandra Patey - "She is honestly the nicest person I have ever met. She is an amazing student with a great personality! I have no clue where I would be without her. Alex has always been an amazing friend. Constantly there when you need her. She is absolutely GORGEOUS too. I love her to death! inside and out." Alexandra is sooo fun!(: She is a great friend! GET TO KNOW HER!(:

Carson rawle-"He has always just been a person that has been there for me even when I have been mean and disrespectful and I just want him to know that I really appreciate everything he does for me. Cause he is always willing to help some one if there In need even when it some times doesn't seem like it."
Carson is a great kid!  I've seen him treat everyone with kindness and is just always willing to be a friend. (:

Well you guys, I am going to go get on with my weekend! so hopefully I will post tomorrow(:

If not, Have an awesome weekend Timpview!!(:

Keep emailing!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Post 5 (i couldn't help it, i just love you guys so darn much!) (:

I know i posted like... an hour ago, but i couldn't help it! I just love you guys!(:

Flo De Salvatore- Wow! Talk about a sweetheart! This girl is one of the SWEETEST, PRETTIEST,KINDEST, Most amazing girls ever!(: The reason i decided to post about her is 1. because i saw her today and was all 'aww, flo is just... so fun!(:' and 2. she got framed for the thundergossip blog.
You guys... come on... Flo is WAAAAAAY to nice to spread dirt on people.
she is such a caring, loving person....  so STOP HATING!!(:

Taetum Call - Talk about a Cool Chick! this girl is AWESOME. she has the looks, the smarts, and can make ANYONE laugh. She's pretty, fun to be around, and overall HILARIOUS. (:
if you ever need a friend. Taetum has your back! (:

Kaley Davis- Now, As Shy and Quiet as Kaley may seem get to know her and she will knock your socks off!(: she is crazy, energetic, and an AMAZING friend. just the kind of person everyone needs in their lives! get to know her!(:

alright, that's all for now. i promise!(:

untill tomorrow...
Goodnight Timpview!!(:



Post 4 [It's all YOU guys. not my work at all on this one(:]

Wow... haha I opened my email today to find 50 emails!(:
and did it bother me?? NOT ONE BIT!!!(:
Thank you so much you guys for emailing, reading, spreading the word!

here's some of the features that people emailed me. they will remain anonymous, if you are the author of these features and you wish for everyone to know, comment on it and tell. (:

Parker Felsted-
"Besides his charming looks Parker is a wonderful person!
He knows how to make someone feel so much better about themselves.
And he's so easy to be around, his heart is so warm and welcoming to those who need it.
He can easily make me smile!
Parker's personality makes him all around a great guy and I am thankful for his friendship."

Ben Jacob-  "Ben is such an amazing guy. He is very spiritual and wonderful overall. He'll always say hi to you when you pass him in the hall, and he is extremely funny. He's always positive and happy, and he never has anything negative to say, no matter what the circumstances. He is such a good influence. Ben's attitude is like a contagious disease. Where ever he goes, he leaves every one happier and people want to do better because of the example he sets. We could use more Ben Jacobs in the world."

" this guy is superman. he is nice, helpful, and a great leader. he always has your back, and he does a fantastic job as our student body president! One of the nicest guys you will ever meet!"

Preston Hale - "this guy just makes you want to be happy when you are around him. he can always make you smile, and i have never heard him say anything mean about anyone. He rocks! :)"

Miriam Bay- "Miriam is so funny and so beautiful and so awesome! I cannot say enough good about her. She is so cute and quirky (in a good way)! She always has something nice to say to me and she is so fun to joke around with. Miriam always makes me smile! She has the perfect balance of humor and sincerity, and whenever she compliments me, I know she really means it. I just love her to death!"

Chase Weight- "Where would I be without Chase? Probably lost in the woods at the bottom of a hole filled with snakes and badgers. Chase is a wonderful person. He's brilliant! He's funny and I have so many inside jokes with him. I can always count on him to be there for me. Literally. Always. He is a wonderful ballroom dancer and an amazing actor. And, lets face it, Chase is probably the reason the the world spins."

Nicole Hopkinson- "I cannot COUNT the number of inside jokes we have. I would say some but it would totally give me away. She has the best laugh I have ever heard! She always makes me feel better when I am having a suckish day and knows the best ways to cheer me up. She is such a light and inspiration to me. She makes me so happy and I love talking to her. I could talk to this girl for hours on end about any topic. She is so beautiful and so smart and funny."

wow! that was alot! haha Thanks for your emails!
keep sending them!!!

Spread the word!(:


Post 3(: Including: Sterling Scholar List, and A couple of People Features.

Here, is the Sterling Scholar List! Great Job Scholars!(: and way to make our school proud!(:

English: ---- Ben Jacob---- Alternate: Allison Warnick
Mathematics---- Tanner Christensen---- Alternate: Jae Cho
Social Science---Catie Neilson---Alternate: Tyler Hill
Science---Zac Brown----Alternate: Johnny Liao
Foreign Language---- Zachary Giddings----Alternate: Caleb Cranney
Trade and Technical Education---- Wai Him Wu----Alternate: Tanner Christensen
Family and Consumer Science---Mikaela Wilcox----Alternate: Abby Christensen
Buisness and Marketing------Emma Smith
Speech/Drama----Jasmine Fullmer---- Alternate: Emily Adair
Visual Art----Tara Franklin-----Alternate: Gemma Grover
Music--- Verina Chen---Alternate: Anna Humphries, Zach Giddings
Dance---Savannah Thompson


Christian Houston- He may be a very quiet person, but he always has something nice to say to anyone. christian is the very definition of awesome: he loves his friends, makes people so happy, and solos amazingly well! Christian, I do not know you personally, but from what I hear, you are an AWESOME kid!(:
Way to be!(:

David Bean- Really, what would we do if it weren't for David Bean always smiling? I don't think anyone has gone throug the halls of Timpview without realizing feeling the warmth of David's smile! And who doesn't love a five second dance party now and then? Okay seriously, who DOESN'T love David Bean?! Seriously, WHO? Because i know i do. He is always willing to help anyone out. I have a friend in Social Dance at our School and she told me that when somebody's partner didn't show up, David Bean Stepped in, Learned the Routine 10 mins before the concert, and Danced it for 2 performances! WOW
what a great kid!(:

Chandler Carson- Wow, Talk about a ladies man. Chandler has a personallity that gives almost every girl butterflies. He is a very athletic kid, and also, A nice kid. (: He is in 2 of my classes, and I Think he is just great. He always has a funny joke, and can always keep the whole class laughing.
thanks for the laughs Chandler!!(:

K Lani Staples(i probably just botched your name... sorry! =/) - Wow! K Lani is such a great girl! She may be quiet at times, but she has so much energy, and she can make everyone smile! She is very pretty, Has the best personallity, Great Dancer, Best Smile, and honestly she is just one of the cutest girls i know!(:
Way to be K Lani!(:

Well, That's all for now,  I'll probably post again later.

OH! before i forget, I need you guys to walk around and find good things about people randomly in the halls, you have to know their name though... haha that's kind of important. :P  Email me the things/people you find!
thanks for your support you guys!(:
Have a good day at school Timpview!!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Second post in one day!!(: i couldn't help myself! (:

Oh my gosh! you guys! The success of this blog is crazy to me!
when i started it i had no idea how many people would enjoy it! thank you so much, everyone for following, posting, emailing and also posting things on facebook!

So, an idea that was emailed to me today, was the idea of posting a list of the Sterling Scholar seniors, i absolutely LOVE that idea. so, if anybody has any information as to where that list is posted and so on, please email me!

Here's another couple of people features. (:

Jessica (Steve) Stevenson-- [as told from the eyes of a very caring, and admiring friend] "She is one of the best people i have ever met, she has a smile that could light up the whole world, i might even say that she is the best friend i have." awwww(: well, Jessica, I can say, i've seen you around, and all this is very true!(: and you should consider yourself lucky to have a friend like this person. (It's killing me to not say who it is, but alas, i have been sworn to secrecy.)

From this same poster come the following Two Posts:

Aubrey Snelson-- " She can make anybody's day better, just with a smile and a hug. I'm so glad I got the chance to meet her and become her friend" Now, I've Met Aubrey, and I couldn't agree more. She is truly one of the most bubbly, happy, cute, fun, girls, i have EVER met.  She is an amazing dancer. And the one thing i admire most about Aubrey, is that she is never afraid to take a stand for something she believes in. (:

Kristin Santa Maria-- "has great talent with a flute. Being around her is always an adventure. She's just awesome." Although i have never met Kristin, i have heard about her. and the things i have heard are all good! i've heard that she is a great friend, has many talents, and she is always just fun to be around!!(:

Well, that is all i have for tonight! thanks for reading!!!(:

remember, EMAIL ME!!(:


First Post(:

Hey T-Birds!(:
So, I've Been thinking about what i was going to post ALL day. I'm Thinking i'll start off by posting some nice things about people that were mentioned in Thundergossip.

So Here it goes! (:

Robert Haggard-- Rob Is an Extremely nice kid! he is a great dancer, He has TONS of School Spirit, He is a GREAT friend, and he has a very awesome fashion sense!(: I mean come on! The kid can even rock Sweats and a T-shirt!(: he was labeled as a "man whore" when in reality, He is just an attractive kid. he can't help it! so don't hate! (:

Karly Sink-- WOW! Want to talk about some style?? This girl has it. (: She is always finding a way to work everything she wears! But lets not forget the important details about Karly. She is a sweet, caring, smart, pretty,  and thoughtful girl. Karly is ALWAYS fun to be around. She always has a smile on her face, and a shoulder for you to cry on when you need it.
what a great girl!!(:

Anne Collins-- Talk about a Big serve! This girl's got it all! (: She is an OUTSTANDING tennis player, she is kind, funny, cute, a friend to all, pretty, and sweet! (:
She always has the cutest clothes, and the prettiest smile!(:  all in all, Anne is a great girl to be around(:

Aubery Phillips-- Now, as far as i know[don't quote me on this one, because i'm not sure] Aubery wasn't posted about on thundergossip. HOWEVER, she has been blamed for thundergossip.
I am not personally friends with her, however, i know her well enough to say that this is FALSE. Aubery is a sweet, caring individual, hardly the type to go around spilling people's secrets.
she is Smart, Sweet, Friendly, Energetic, She has School spirit, she is fun to be around, She is an AMAZING leader, and she is super super kind.
Aubery is well known for her work with the invisible children's club. her willingness to serve others is admirable. (:

well, that's all for now folks! come back and check the blog for more!
and PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE... if you have something to post on here, email it to me at


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This Blog is for those who wish to reflect on the happy gossip vs. the negative gossip at Timpview High School.

I have decided to start this blog when i was introduced to the Perturbing Blog known as "Thundergossip"
I will take the opposite approach than the creator of that blog. whoever they may be.

I will focus on the Good in the students at Timpview. Because, there is truly, so much good in the students at our school.

I can't do this alone. so, if you have good news, or something you want posted. email it to me. @
I will try to check my email and post on here as often as I Can, However, Due to the fact that I have a life, unlike our dear friend who created "Thundergossip", I may not post as often as He/She Does.

My Best wishes for happiness and peace at our wonderfull school.