Thursday, December 16, 2010

Post 3(: Including: Sterling Scholar List, and A couple of People Features.

Here, is the Sterling Scholar List! Great Job Scholars!(: and way to make our school proud!(:

English: ---- Ben Jacob---- Alternate: Allison Warnick
Mathematics---- Tanner Christensen---- Alternate: Jae Cho
Social Science---Catie Neilson---Alternate: Tyler Hill
Science---Zac Brown----Alternate: Johnny Liao
Foreign Language---- Zachary Giddings----Alternate: Caleb Cranney
Trade and Technical Education---- Wai Him Wu----Alternate: Tanner Christensen
Family and Consumer Science---Mikaela Wilcox----Alternate: Abby Christensen
Buisness and Marketing------Emma Smith
Speech/Drama----Jasmine Fullmer---- Alternate: Emily Adair
Visual Art----Tara Franklin-----Alternate: Gemma Grover
Music--- Verina Chen---Alternate: Anna Humphries, Zach Giddings
Dance---Savannah Thompson


Christian Houston- He may be a very quiet person, but he always has something nice to say to anyone. christian is the very definition of awesome: he loves his friends, makes people so happy, and solos amazingly well! Christian, I do not know you personally, but from what I hear, you are an AWESOME kid!(:
Way to be!(:

David Bean- Really, what would we do if it weren't for David Bean always smiling? I don't think anyone has gone throug the halls of Timpview without realizing feeling the warmth of David's smile! And who doesn't love a five second dance party now and then? Okay seriously, who DOESN'T love David Bean?! Seriously, WHO? Because i know i do. He is always willing to help anyone out. I have a friend in Social Dance at our School and she told me that when somebody's partner didn't show up, David Bean Stepped in, Learned the Routine 10 mins before the concert, and Danced it for 2 performances! WOW
what a great kid!(:

Chandler Carson- Wow, Talk about a ladies man. Chandler has a personallity that gives almost every girl butterflies. He is a very athletic kid, and also, A nice kid. (: He is in 2 of my classes, and I Think he is just great. He always has a funny joke, and can always keep the whole class laughing.
thanks for the laughs Chandler!!(:

K Lani Staples(i probably just botched your name... sorry! =/) - Wow! K Lani is such a great girl! She may be quiet at times, but she has so much energy, and she can make everyone smile! She is very pretty, Has the best personallity, Great Dancer, Best Smile, and honestly she is just one of the cutest girls i know!(:
Way to be K Lani!(:

Well, That's all for now,  I'll probably post again later.

OH! before i forget, I need you guys to walk around and find good things about people randomly in the halls, you have to know their name though... haha that's kind of important. :P  Email me the things/people you find!
thanks for your support you guys!(:
Have a good day at school Timpview!!


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