Monday, December 20, 2010

post 7(:

here's some more! sorry it's been a few days!(:

"Sarah Wood is probably the best friend anyone could possibly ask for. She is always sweet, and she always puts on a smile, no matter what. She is a goofy gal who can often be found laughing, being a dork (in the awesome way), and being herself. You can act like a complete idiot around her, and she will stay by your side. She is probably the most loyal person I have ever known. If you ever feel down, just spend five minutes with this girl and you'll turn your day around. She may seem quiet, but if you get to know her, you'll know what a fire cracker she is. I love her to death! "

"The Woodruff twins, Matthew and Andrew, are so freaking sweet! I love them to death!!! They are such gentlemen, and are friendly to everyone! Andrew and Matthew are so different, and yet the complement each other so well! There's really nothing like a pair of friendly, good-looking, and just all-around fantastic twins to brighten up someone's day! Let's hear it for the Woodruffs! You guys rock!!"

"Bryson Mckenzie is the nicest person I have ever come in contact with. He always looks out for me no matter what, not to mention how good he made that football uniform look while he tore it up on the field. He truly is a wonderful person! ;)"

"Anna Swenson- This girl is hysterical. She makes me smile as soon as I see her. Her loyalty, charity, patience, and determination/perserverence surpass any I have ever seen. She has amazing mathematical and debating skills. I admire her general knowledge of everything, and "usual correct answerness" though she tends to keep answers to herself. I admire her ability of tactfull ness, and cues on when to speak out and when to say nothing. She truly has vast ideas, and is EXTREMELY opinionated, but she doesn't ever force anyone to do anything, or believe anything. Though, she easily could. I admire her optimism when her feet, legs, hips, toes, and anything else below her have stopped her from dancing, and cause her pain with practically every step. Her sense of right and wrong keep me in place when I'm in doubt, and reaffirm my testimony. She is so strong, so bautiful (in a non creepy way), so amazing."

" Dr. Bayles deserves a post about him. He doesn't have a lot of fans i know, but no one can deny that he does care about the students of Timpview, and tries his best. I am peresonally grateful for all he's done, even if I haven't liked the way he's done it. Especially since he is retiring at the end of the year, now is the time to step up and really show our appreciation for a man who cares deeply and "is 4 kids"

"Bethany Meldrum: Ok, she is so amazing and nice. She has many talents and is very patient. She is really good at American Sign Language and is always trying to help the lower levels of that language learn and get better at it. She is really dedicated to her religion and is a great example to others of the same faith. She is very humble despite her beautiful looks!! I love knowing her and am glad for the friendship we have!"

"Andi Boswell: Wow. What an amazing girl. If you don't know, GET TO KNOW HER. She really cares about her friends and has great empathy. She is always there for you. She is so popular and has many friends but that is because of how awesome she is. I am so glad I got to know Andi and be friends with her!"

"Rashelle Midson: Oh my gosh. She is the nicest most selfless girl I know!! She is nice to everyone, even the ones that are really cruel to her for no reason. She is willing to do whatever for her friends and is so awesome. She is really fun to just talk with and hang out. I can't even believe how unselfish she is though! I love Rashelle and am SO glad I know her."

"Amber Garvin: Amber is just so amazing! She loves kindness and happiness and does her best to spread that around!! She is always there to listen and give the best advice! She is such a great wise friend. She is so nice and patient with her family and is really fun to talk too. I love Amber!!"

"Kailla Martinez: Wow, Kailla is so nice and funny!!! She is nice to everyone and is just so fun to talk to! She doesn't judge and is willing to talk to or help anyone out! She is friends with everyone and is so smooth with the men. Go Kailla!! Thanks for being my friend!!"

"Brianna Martinez: Her laugh! Oh wow Brianna is just such a fun outgoing girl and her laugh is so contagious!!! I love Brianna and am glad I got to know her!"

"Iveta Welborn;: She'll never talk bad about a true friend no matter what. She isn't afraid to state her opinion! She is such a cute fun girl!!"

well, sorry for the laziness guys. :P i've been super busy with christmas and all, but i promise i'll start doing better!(:


and Merry Christmas!!!(:


  1. I LOVE all that this blog does! Keep it up WildFire!

  2. Ummm, Holy Bones. Thank you Kind Anonymous Soul Who Wrote About Matthew And Me! You are so nice!

  3. Wow! This just made my day!! :D You guys are freakin' fantastic, and I love you all! Keep this blog up, because it is doing so much good!

  4. Awh! <3 this made me laugh & smile! CUTE!

  5. Thank you that just made my week that is so sweet.