Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First Post(:

Hey T-Birds!(:
So, I've Been thinking about what i was going to post ALL day. I'm Thinking i'll start off by posting some nice things about people that were mentioned in Thundergossip.

So Here it goes! (:

Robert Haggard-- Rob Is an Extremely nice kid! he is a great dancer, He has TONS of School Spirit, He is a GREAT friend, and he has a very awesome fashion sense!(: I mean come on! The kid can even rock Sweats and a T-shirt!(: he was labeled as a "man whore" when in reality, He is just an attractive kid. he can't help it! so don't hate! (:

Karly Sink-- WOW! Want to talk about some style?? This girl has it. (: She is always finding a way to work everything she wears! But lets not forget the important details about Karly. She is a sweet, caring, smart, pretty,  and thoughtful girl. Karly is ALWAYS fun to be around. She always has a smile on her face, and a shoulder for you to cry on when you need it.
what a great girl!!(:

Anne Collins-- Talk about a Big serve! This girl's got it all! (: She is an OUTSTANDING tennis player, she is kind, funny, cute, a friend to all, pretty, and sweet! (:
She always has the cutest clothes, and the prettiest smile!(:  all in all, Anne is a great girl to be around(:

Aubery Phillips-- Now, as far as i know[don't quote me on this one, because i'm not sure] Aubery wasn't posted about on thundergossip. HOWEVER, she has been blamed for thundergossip.
I am not personally friends with her, however, i know her well enough to say that this is FALSE. Aubery is a sweet, caring individual, hardly the type to go around spilling people's secrets.
she is Smart, Sweet, Friendly, Energetic, She has School spirit, she is fun to be around, She is an AMAZING leader, and she is super super kind.
Aubery is well known for her work with the invisible children's club. her willingness to serve others is admirable. (:

well, that's all for now folks! come back and check the blog for more!
and PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE... if you have something to post on here, email it to me at



  1. This is a fantastic blog, and I am glad there are great people in this world. Keep going! You have got Cakes' support!
    Matt Woodruff

  2. Way to go!! THIS is what people should be doing!

  3. You are awesome I really wish that "Thunder Gossip" would look to you as an example.

  4. Thank you everyone for reading and commenting! keep spreading the word! and please email with ideas! ideas are greatly appreciated!(: