Thursday, December 30, 2010

post 9 (:

Thomas Cottle:  This dude is awesome.  Always wanting to hang out with people.  He will always reach out to new people in the neighborhood.  I always hear his say "lets hang out with so-and-so" or "let's invite what's-his-face over."  I can always count on him for that.  And every time he messes up or hurts somebody, he always apologizes.  He is NEVER too proud to say sorry.  I know he would feel guilty if he didn't. 

Tyler Peterson:  This kid is just fun to be around.  He WILL laugh at your jokes, no matter how stupid you may think they are.  Whenever everyone is done laughing at something funny, he's not.  He will keep cracking up for another 5 minutes, and he'll keep going until someone stops him.  He'll even bring up something funny you said years after you said it.  He really makes people feel good about themselves. 

Josh Brewer:  This guy is really smart, and just as funny.  You should also hear him free-style rap, he's really good.  If he "burns" you in a rap-battle, he will immediately compliment you so you don't feel bad. It's really funny.  He also has really awesome ideas and theories.  He thinks about stuff beyond what most people would think healthy, but he enjoys it, and so does everyone else.

so sorry you guys, i really am being kinda lazy, but this break has been.... really really tough for me.....
so i apologize.

please, keep emailing.
and reading.


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