Thursday, December 16, 2010

Post 4 [It's all YOU guys. not my work at all on this one(:]

Wow... haha I opened my email today to find 50 emails!(:
and did it bother me?? NOT ONE BIT!!!(:
Thank you so much you guys for emailing, reading, spreading the word!

here's some of the features that people emailed me. they will remain anonymous, if you are the author of these features and you wish for everyone to know, comment on it and tell. (:

Parker Felsted-
"Besides his charming looks Parker is a wonderful person!
He knows how to make someone feel so much better about themselves.
And he's so easy to be around, his heart is so warm and welcoming to those who need it.
He can easily make me smile!
Parker's personality makes him all around a great guy and I am thankful for his friendship."

Ben Jacob-  "Ben is such an amazing guy. He is very spiritual and wonderful overall. He'll always say hi to you when you pass him in the hall, and he is extremely funny. He's always positive and happy, and he never has anything negative to say, no matter what the circumstances. He is such a good influence. Ben's attitude is like a contagious disease. Where ever he goes, he leaves every one happier and people want to do better because of the example he sets. We could use more Ben Jacobs in the world."

" this guy is superman. he is nice, helpful, and a great leader. he always has your back, and he does a fantastic job as our student body president! One of the nicest guys you will ever meet!"

Preston Hale - "this guy just makes you want to be happy when you are around him. he can always make you smile, and i have never heard him say anything mean about anyone. He rocks! :)"

Miriam Bay- "Miriam is so funny and so beautiful and so awesome! I cannot say enough good about her. She is so cute and quirky (in a good way)! She always has something nice to say to me and she is so fun to joke around with. Miriam always makes me smile! She has the perfect balance of humor and sincerity, and whenever she compliments me, I know she really means it. I just love her to death!"

Chase Weight- "Where would I be without Chase? Probably lost in the woods at the bottom of a hole filled with snakes and badgers. Chase is a wonderful person. He's brilliant! He's funny and I have so many inside jokes with him. I can always count on him to be there for me. Literally. Always. He is a wonderful ballroom dancer and an amazing actor. And, lets face it, Chase is probably the reason the the world spins."

Nicole Hopkinson- "I cannot COUNT the number of inside jokes we have. I would say some but it would totally give me away. She has the best laugh I have ever heard! She always makes me feel better when I am having a suckish day and knows the best ways to cheer me up. She is such a light and inspiration to me. She makes me so happy and I love talking to her. I could talk to this girl for hours on end about any topic. She is so beautiful and so smart and funny."

wow! that was alot! haha Thanks for your emails!
keep sending them!!!

Spread the word!(:



  1. Thanks random person! This blog is amazing. Thank you so much Thunder Joy Spreader. You really made my day today. I wish I knew who you were so I could thank you personally! Thanks again!

  2. I agree with Chase! Because of Thunder Compliments, the world is a little bit better place! This is EXACTLY what Timpview needs, so thank you. And if I knew who were, I'd make you Texas chocolate brownies. But for now you'll just have to imagine them and know you are loved! :)