Friday, January 21, 2011

New Joy Spreader-- "Summer Sundale"'s last post :(

Hey guys...
so, due to the fact that someone I know discovered my identity and decided to tell people, I have decided that for ME to keep posting, it would defeat the whole purpose.... So, I have found a new joy spreader. whom you guys will LOVE!(: 

I wanted to post and tell you guys that i love you all so much! and nothing has brought me more joy than to post kind things about you all. (: You guys are all amazing, and have such sweet spirits....

Now, simply because I love you all, and i still want to be there for you, I will say who i am, for those who do not already know. in this i am not asking for attention. I really, truly just want to be there for you guys if you ever need me.

So, Keep on reading and be nice to your new joy spreader!!! (:


-Shay Markham "Summer Sundale"